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Guest WiFi and Networking


A WvW guest Wi-Fi Solution is beneficial for both sides: the owner of the network and the users of the network.

Guest networking provides a way for users to access a network in seconds with little to no setup on their part. Depending on how the guest network is configured, they can access the internet and local resources on the network like files, printers, etc.

From the admin's point of view, the guest network broadens the reach of the network to visitors without needing to give out the main network's password. Another way a guest network improves security is that the owner can limit what guests have access to (e.g., the internet but no local resources), meaning that it helps stop the spread of worms that might enter from a guest's device.

Why WvW-WiFi

 The modern world is so hooked up to online services that when clients come around, “How ya doing?” will probably be followed by “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” But the hospitable host probably doesn’t realize that revealing this information could pose a network security risk. 

 For example, guests might accidentally download a malicious program or connect an already infected phone or laptop to the network. Many pieces of malware are able to spread themselves over a local network, and if an infected device is connected to your Wi-Fi, it will try to contaminate everything in its range. 

 A guest network is a win-win: Guest and acquaintances don’t lose touch with the outside world and your data isn’t compromised. Malware that somehow ended up on a guest’s smartphone will not be able to get into your business archive or other important files.