WvW is available in Tunisia..

Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you service?

We service North Florida. Call us for details

Do I have to buy the equipment?

You may if you would like to. However. we prefer affordable renting as it will save you money and time, as long as we own the system, and you are using it. We will repair, maintain and change any defective parts at no charge. The day you are in no need for it we will remove it at no charge. We service our equipment in field not by phone.

How much do you charge?

We must survey the area to determine the nature of the product deployment. If you already have a system or part of the system that is compatible we will reuse it, we will try to use as much as possible to what you already have. Price will depend on how many access point are needed to cover the area . It will be reasonable  and affordable.